Each aspect of the comprehensive eye examination that we provide is designed to give us essential information regarding your vision and eye health. We provide a comprehensive eye examination as standard to include OCT- a three-dimensional scan of your retina as well as ultra-wide field retinal scanning designed to detect problems that cannot be seen with standard examination techniques.

You will find many opticians offer a basic NHS sight test with no scanning technology offered. We believe all eye examinations should include in-depth scans using the highest quality technology available on the market to ensure we have the best picture of your eye health and vision.


We see the value in using advanced technology to detect and monitor eye health and to calculate your prescription. We also offer generous appointment durations with highly trained optometrists so that no question you have will go unanswered.

To provide this care our eye examination comes in two parts. There are some core tests as well as those tailored to each patient’s needs. This means that all ages can benefit from an assessment. If you have any particular communication needs then please feel free to discuss this with the optometrist in advance of the appointment to ensure we make the eye examination a positive experience for everyone.

All our tests are comfortable and most patients find them interesting and informative.


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