Looking after your vision is vitally important.  

An eye examination is not  just about what your eyes can see, but just as importantly what we can see in your eyes.

Getting your prescription right is important, but regular examinations can also pick up signs of potentially serious conditions.

We use the very latest cutting edge technology to deliver one of the most enhanced eye examinations possible. We aim to make the examination an informative and reassuring experience.
It is important for children to have their eyes examined by an optometrist at least every two years. Unfortunately our children can’t always tell if something is wrong with their vision. Our high tech equipment gives us the most accurate picture so we can catch any problems early.
Contact Lenses
We are specialists in contact lenses, from standard prescriptions to more complex conditions, we are passionate about lenses and believe for many of us, they can have a positive life changing affect.
Dry Eye Clinic
Healthy tears for better eye comfort and vision.
Colorimetry and Visual Stress
Visual Stress can contribute to reading difficulties in both children and adults. Visual stress is due to overstimulation of the visual cortex (the visual processing part of our brains) by certain visual patterns such as lines of black text on a white background. Colorimetry can help with visual stress.
We set up Visioncare to provide the best eye care and to bring you exclusive savings as a part of your membership. As a Vision+ client, there’s a wide range of benefits available to you and to your family.
Specialist Services
We treat and support patients with a wide range of unique eye conditions. We have many patients with eye conditions that require specialist treatment. Here we have listed a few of the specialist services
Always ensure that your optometrist is your first port of call with any eye problems. We can prescribe a wide range of medications, and should you require more specialist hospital treatment, we can ensure your diagnosis is accurate and refer you to the right Ophthalmology specialist with fast track access where needed.
We use the most advanced technology currently available worldwide. This provides us with the most detailed information about your eyes, which in turn means your optometrist can make accurate and timely diagnoses.
Emergency Eye Care for Existing Patients
If you have an eye emergency such as a painful red eye, a rapid change in your vision, or are experiencing new flashing lights or floaters in your vision, then it is important that you seek advice from your optometrist.


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